Tapai Istvan

After 25 years spent in production of machine tools, in 1988 I became an entrepreneur. From the beginning quality has been very important to me and I am proud that we can provide our customers with high-quality of services. I find it very important to see our partners satisfied, this is evidence that our efforts were not in vain. To this day, I have been actively participating in the work and I am happy that my sons will continue to develop the company.

Tapai Zolt

In 1990, after completing mechanical engimneering high school I started working in my father’s firm. Since 2012 I have been a Director. I like what I do and precision in work is important to me. My goal is to build a long term successful cooperation with clients. It is important to me to have our firm as a successful company and a reliable partner by adapting to market demands. My further aim is to prove that nothing is impossible.

Tapai Arpad

After completion of technical high school I started working at the firm which was owned by my father then. Since 2012, I am a co-owner and technical director. My goal is to lead the company that,  by creation of decent working conditions, secures life not only for the owners but also for employees and their families in difficult economic times too.  I am always in search of perspectives for development and I am open to new challenges. I believe that a good team can always provide more than the members of the group individually.